United World College of South East Asia – Singapore


To provide waterproofing membrane protection prior to casting and under-screed drainage to allow entrapped water in the screed to discharge at the sports courts of the college on the roof of the building housing the bus parking bays.


VersiDrain 6P sheets, installed prior to casting over the waterproofing membrane, offers immediate protection against inadvertent membrane penetration or damage due to installation of various services at the promenade. Waterproofing is provided by a fully adhered layer of Avalon PVC/EVA terpolymer membrane. VersiDrain 6P is covered with geotextile fabric followed by a reinforcing wire mesh on top.


The capillary break created by the sheets between structural slab and topping screed prevents water and salts in the screed from migrating upward and also releases hydro-static pressure by allowing the trapped water and dissolved salts to discharge, minimising efflorescence and possibility of cracking on the surface.