HDB Car Park Roof @ 309B Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 – Singapore


To provide the green roof system including the lightweight planting media to convert the roof of the existing car park into an accessible and aesthetically pleasing green amenity area.


The green roof uses VersiDrain 25P to provide water retention and drainage, and a geotextile filter fabric to retain the lightweight planting media.


VersiDrain 25P keeps the manicured lawn on the roof well irrigated and thriving during dry spells, through delivery of stored water via evaporation and capillary action. It also prevents water logging after heavy rain by facilitating drainage of excess water. The green roof also provides thermal insulation, reducing the transference of heat from the roof to the car park level immediately below. The trays also offer protection to the waterproofing membrane, a root-resistant fully adhered layer of Evalon PVC/EVA terpolymer membrane, prolonging its serviceable life.


The green roof enhances urban aesthetics as residents in the vicinity get to enjoy the view of a cool soothing green roof instead of an exposed hot concrete roof. Additionally, in a highly urbanised HDB estate, the green roof mitigates urban heat island effect to keep the surrounding ambient temperature down.