305C Punggol Road, Singapore


To provide root-resistant waterproofing membrane.

To provide the Landscape Roof system for intensive green roof installation on the rooftop of the multi-storey car park.


Waterproofing protection for the roof skin beneath the green roof was provided by a root-resistant fully adhered layer of Evalon PVC/EVA terpolymer membrane, suited for intensive green roof applications.



Elmich Landscape Roof
6,000 sq m of VersiCell® drainage modules were installed beneath the geotextile filter fabric layer and the planting soil above. The drainage cavity created enables rapid transport of excess water to drainage points on the roof, preventing waterlogging at the planted roof decks, green balconies and planter boxes of the E-deck. Laid directly on the waterproofing membrane, the modules also provide a protection layer that prolongs the serviceable life of the membrane.
The landscape roof mitigates urban heat island effect by sheltering the car park roof from the sun, reducing surrounding ambient temperature and transference of heat to the car park below. Installed with large shady trees and resembling a garden park, the living roof provides additional amenity space. The landscape roof also played a pivotal part in the precinct clinching Singapore’s first Green Mark Platinum Award Public Housing Project.