8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore


To provide Green Roof System for extensive green roofs on the RC rooftops of the hotel


VersiDrain® 25P water retention and drainage trays were placed directly over the waterproofing membrane on the RC rooftops followed by a geotextile filter fabric that allowed lightweight EnviroMix® GR planting media to be placed on the trays for planting of selected drought-tolerant plants that require little or no maintenance.


VersiDrain® 25P facilitates efficient drainage on approximately 800 sq m of green roofs. Water and nutrients collected in the tray’s reservoir is returned via capillary action to the planting media during dry spells, sustaining healthy plants with minimal maintenance. An automated irrigation system consisting of a network of irrigation lines over the green roofs regulated by a centralised control panel was incorporated to deliver regular supply of water and nutrients to the plants.