29A Mount Sinai Rise, Singapore


To provide pedestal system to support bearers for installation of wooden decking over sloping surface of a former putting green.


VersiJack® pedestals were used to support bearers for installation of the raised wooden decking. A combination of different VersiJack® pedestals were used to allow various adjustments to different heights on the sloping surface of the defunct putting green of the condominium. Slope Correctors were used on the pedestals to enable a level decking surface to be maintained whilst supporting bearers were secured to Bearer Holders on the pedestals to ensure that they do not shift and remained firmly in place during and after installation of the wooden decking. Integrated Locking Rings enabled confirmed pedestal heights to be secured.
The finished wooden 80 m2 decking platform enabled the unusual sloping ground of the former putting green to be transformed into a level recreational space that blends into the landscaped gardens and luxuriant greenery of the condominium.