308C Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Singapore


To provide root-resistant waterproofing membrane

To provide the Landscape Roof system for intensive green roof installation on the rooftop of the multi-storey car park


Waterproofing protection for the roof skin beneath the green roof was provided by a root-resistant fully adhered layer of Evalon PVC/EVA terpolymer membrane.


Elmich Landscape Roof
3,500 sq m of VersiCell sub-surface drainage modules positioned directly over the waterproofing membrane provided a void beneath the planting media to enable water to quickly drain away. Installation included a non-woven geotextile filter fabric placed over the VersiCell modules followed by a 100mm sand layer and thereafter the soil media for planting. Ground cover plants and larger plants from shrubs to trees were then used atop the roof, greening the view for both residents and passer bys.