85 Yishun Avenue 1, Singapore


To provide turf stabilization along fire engine access
To provide sub-surface drainage in planter boxes and beneath TurfPave along fire engine access


TurfPave® XD is positioned onto compacted sand over a geotextile filter blanketing a sub-soil drainage base layer provided by VersiCell® placed directly over the constructed RC path. Infilled with a sandy soil mix the grass paver provides a firm substrate for turf establishment. The access ways created are green and aesthetically pleasing and provide a stable path for heavy fire engines and other emergency vehicles when needed. Rainwater infiltrates into the compacted base and is discharged via the drainage cell layer below, reducing excessive run-off and stormwater management problems which impermeable roads may pose.
VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules installed in planter boxes provide a void beneath the planting media to enable expeditious transport of excess water to drainage outlets for prevention of waterlogging. A non-woven geotextile filter fabric placed over the drainage modules allowed a 100mm sand layer to be spread on top followed by the soil media for plants from shrubs to small trees to be planted, and effectively turn the grounds of the condominium into landscaped gardens.