46 Marine Parade Road, Singapore


To provide turf stabilization along fire engine access
To provide sub-surface drainage in planter boxes
To provide green wall system for installation of green wall


Turf Stabilisation
TurfPave® XD grass pavers were positioned onto a compacted sand base layer over the compacted substrate of the access way. Infilled with a sandy soil mix, TurfPave® XD whilst providing a stable and firm substrate for turf establishment also creates the mandated access way with ability to bear high compressive loads necessary for passage of fire engines and other emergency vehicles.
The TurfPave access pathway remains green and aesthetically pleasing and is able to withstand constant daily pedestrian traffic. TurfPave does not retain water and thus allows rainwater to infiltrate into the compacted sand base beneath and then slowly into the substrate throughout the length of the green passageway.
An impermeable asphalt road, if installed instead, would repel rather than temporarily retained the rainwater in the substrate and therefore subsequently contribute to excessive run-off and associated stormwater management problems.


Landscape Roof / Sub-surface drainage
VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules were installed in planter boxes to provide a void beneath the planting media to enable expeditious transport of excess water to drainage outlets. A non-woven geotextile filter fabric placed over the drainage modules allowed a 100mm sand layer to be spread on top followed by the soil media. The resultant lush landscaped grounds, planted with plants from shrubs to small trees, are well-drained and have minimal water-logging problems.


Green Wall
VersiWall® GM (VGM®) vertically greens the retaining wall facing the lift shaft of a glass-walled elevator positioned to convey residents from the underground car park to surface level. VGM® Modules were pre-planted, 6 to 8 weeks prior to installation, with plants selected for ability to thrive in the narrow space in front of the lift shaft which is subject to strong light exposure at the top of the wall and subdued light at the bottom.