Stevens Road, Singapore


To provide the green wall system to for the establishment of a green wall on one block and a red wall on the entrance wall of the bungalow.


VersiWall® GP (VGP) proprietary mounting panels were first mounted onto the 5 metre high wall of the bungalow. Subsequently, 744 VGP trays were easily installed onto the mounting panels according to the pre-determined design creating a green wall totalling 27 sq m. Inadvertent dislodgment of the VGP trays by inclement weather is prevented by the insertion of anti-lift arms into the hooks of the trays, effectively locking the trays to the mounting panel. An automated irrigation system is incorporated to deliver irrigation and nutrients to the plants in the individual trays on the wall at programmed intervals for pre-set durations with the aid of a control panel.

Similarly, the 2.6 sq m red wall was established using the Elmich VGP system comprising of the mounting panels and trays.