Pasir Ris Park, Singapore


To provide slope stabilisation for plant media confinement and sub-surface drainage and water retention to enable planting on the RC pitch roofs of the activity shed cum shelter and toilets at the entrance to the Park.


VersiDrain 25P® drainage and water retention trays were installed directly onto the RC roof tops and a geotextile filter fabric positioned over the trays. In addition to functioning as a sub-surface drainage, the network of cells in VersiDrain 25P® trays retain water which is returned, via capillary action, to the planting media during dry periods, helping to maintain and sustain healthy plants.


VersiWeb® cellular confinement panels were then placed over the geotextile fabric within the raised curb borders of the roofs and the expandable cells filled with EnviroMix® GR, a lightweight inorganic planting media. The honeycombed cells of VersiWeb® contain and confine the planting media on which locally-sourced drought tolerant plants requiring minimal maintenance were planted. VersiWeb® uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads and prevents planting media and plants from being dislodged and sliding down the sloping roofs.


The green roofs blend into the green ambience of the Park and also help to keep the interior and activity spaces beneath them cool.