Aramsa Garden Spa – Bishan Park, Singapore


To facilitate planting on top of existing metal Corus Kalzip roof to provide an attractive green roof that will assimilate well into the natural ambience of the Park, serve as thermal insulation and also help to reduce noise transference during heavy rainfall.


To prevent plant media movement, aluminium battens were anchored onto the metal sloping roof and VersiCell drainage modules were placed between the metal ribs to provide an insulating barrier and a level surface for the subsequent installation of VersiDrain 25P drainage and water retention trays. A geotextile filter fabric was then positioned over the drainage and retention trays and EnviroMix GR lightweight inorganic planting media placed over the filter fabric. Locally sourced plant species selected for their hardiness, colour, height and ability to tolerate high tropical rainfall followed by hot and dry periods and requiring minimal maintenance were planted.