Paris Ris Drive 3, Singapore


To provide support pedestal for installation of decking.


6,500 VersiJack® pedestals were used to support bearers for installation of the raised wooden decking on the rooftops of the two Academic Blocks of the school. VersiJack® pedestals allowed easy screw adjustments to be made to bring the pedestals to the required installation heights. Thereafter, Integrated Locking Rings on the pedestals were used to lock and secure the confirmed heights during and after installation.

The 1,994 m2 of decking created turned the otherwise wasted bare rooftops into additional amenity space for the student population and staff of the school, and will inevitably become the preferred outdoor venue where organised events and other school activities may be conveniently staged and carried out within the safety of the school’s compound.

The raised decking also serves an environmental role by providing an effective shield above the rooftops. This reduces heat and sound transfer from the rooftop to the classrooms below, reducing energy consumption for air-conditioning, related energy costs, and also the carbon footprint of the school. Consequently, they also help to mitigate urban heat island effect.