50 Collyer Quay, Singapore


To provide pedestal system to support bearers for installation of wooden decking at the rooftop corridors and open deck.


VersiJack height and slope adjustable pedestals were used to install the raised decking. Additional height was provided by attachment of Extenders to the pedestals. Slope Correctors used on the pedestals ensured that a level decking surface was maintained throughout even in areas where the installation surface was screed to fall for drainage whilst use of Bearer Holders kept supporting joists firmly in place on the pedestals to ensure that decking panels were securely installed.
Gaps between the decking panels enable water to drain freely keeping the decked areas dry for visitors and patrons of the prestigious restaurant on the rooftop to safely take in panoramic views of the Marina Bay. From the vantage point of the bedecked areas, mesmerizing views of Singapore’s skyline are made magical when daylight fades and the bright city lights come on and the kaleidoscope of colourful lights are mirrored in the calm waters of the Bay.