15 Joan Road


To provide green wall system for installation of display green walls in showroom grounds.


Proprietary Mounting Panels, regular welded wire mesh and horizontal rod mounting systems were used to provide the mounting platform for the VGP Green Walls to demonstrate versatility.
The VGP Trays were planted In-situ with a selection of lush and colourful plants to form the plant palette for the green walls. The VGP Trays were hung according to predetermined designs to achieve bands of colour and patterns on the various green walls. Anti-lift arms were inserted to prevent inadvertent dislodgment of the VGP Trays from their respective mounting platforms by inclement weather or by public mischief.
Simple hook mounting that allowed easy positioning and re-positioning of the VGP Trays enabled creative eye-pleasing designs to be achieved with ease on each of the green walls.