Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


To provide the green wall system to establish vertical greenery
To provide the green roof system to establish greenery on sloping roof
To provide pedestal support for installation of pavers


VersiWall® GM
Twelve free-standing metal framework structures were erected for pilasters to be secured for VGM modules to be anchored such that vertical greenery is possible all around the framework. Pre-planting of the VGM Modules in a nursery environment allowed selected plants to establish and be appropriately orientated prior to installation, creating lush green walls almost instantly at the hospital project at time of installation.</p>
Both the pitch roof and its retaining wall at the edge were also greened with the VGM system. Anchoring pilasters were installed directly onto the pitch roof and the wall for pre-planted VGM Modules to securely anchor. The completed installation turned the pitch roof and wall from what would have been bare, ordinary and unattractive building features into eye-pleasing and therapeutic green roofs and vertical gardens.
A total of 1630 VGM modules were used for this construction.
The skyrise greenery reflects contemporary research that highlights the significant influence greenery and nature in the built environment has on health and wellbeing, especially beneficial in the setting of the children’s hospital.


11,000 VersiJack pedestals were installed to support expansive raised paver areas in the hospital grounds. Spacer Tabs and Slope Correctors used on the pedestals enabled consistent gaps between pavers to be maintained and allowed compensation for any slope to fall for drainage on the installation surfaces respectively.
Height extensions and minor adjustments were easily achieved by adding extenders and by screw adjustment of the pedestals, and desired heights locked down with the pedestals’ integrated locking rings. The void created beneath the paver platforms allowed miscellaneous services to be hidden.


The vertical greenery, sloping green roof and raised paver areas of the hospital form a protective and insulating shield that helps to cool the hospital building. Not only eye-pleasing, the vertical and rooftop greenery help to reduce the carbon footprint of the hospital, assist in at-source stormwater management, mitigate urban heat island effect, whilst at the same time also creating a therapeutic green and healing green environment for the patients and staff of the hospital and visitors to enjoy.