698 West Coast Road, Singapore


To provide green wall system for installation of two green walls


VGP Mounting Panels were installed onto two walls to facilitate mounting of VGP Trays, from floor to ceiling, two-storey high, at the main entrance hallway of the school and on a lower wall fronting the school’s assembly area. The mounting panel at the bottom right was installed first followed by the other panels of the bottommost row systematically from right to left. Subsequent panel rows follow above in the same sequential order. An automated irrigation system, consisting of a network of tubing and a control panel, was installed to supply irrigation to the individual trays at programmed intervals for pre-set durations.
VGP Trays were planted in-situ with selected pre-grown plants and hung 12 trays to a panel to create a dense and lush wall of plants instantly. Anti-lift arms were inserted into individual trays to prevent inadvertent dislodgment of the VGP Trays from their mounting points. The drainage outlets of the bottommost row of trays were connected to a horizontal base tube to allow excess water to be discharged without wetting the immediate area beneath the green walls.
The lush eye-pleasing green walls become instant living educational tools. They enable students of the school to learn that, for a very small ground level footprint, green walls are able to provide many benefits. They contribute to environmental sustainability, enhance aesthetics, improve health and wellbeing by providing a source of stress relief and escape from the demands of urban living. In the specific context of the school, these green walls offer an environment conducive to learning.