100 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore


To provide the system for extensive green roof installation on the metal rooftops of the hospital’s new wards


About 4,400 sq m of VersiDrain® 25P drainage and water retention trays were installed over the metal plates that make up the rooftops of the new wards added as part of the hospital’s A&A works. A non-woven geotextile filter fabric was laid over the trays to allow a primarily inorganic planting media to be spread on top for drought-tolerant plants to be planted.


Different ground cover plant species were used to form attractive patterns.


The green roof converted the otherwise glaring metal roofs into a green respite for patients, visitors and hospital staff, creating calming and relaxing views.


The living roof also acts as a sun screen that helps to reduce heat absorption by the roof and lower internal temperature of the wards. This in turn lowers ambient temperature of the immediate surroundings and helps to mitigate urban heat island effect.