To provide a green wall system to harvest the condensate from the air conditioner as its water source.


VersiWall® GP LW was used to establish a living wall with dimensions of 6m (width) by 2.8m (height). Plant area totalling approx. 13 square metres. The living wall comprised of 42 VGP LW (500mm) trays and 24 VGP LW (250mm) trays.

Wire ropes were used to suspend and align the lightweight trays according to its stipulated design. Boston ferns and EnviroMix soilless planting media were used in consideration of its indoor and low-maintenance requirements.

Grow lights installed are programmed to be only switched on at night to provide sufficient lighting for healthy plant growth. Stainless steel drainage trays were installed for draining off excess water to prevent any unsightly water accumulation at the base of the wall.es concealed beneath the raised pavers.