Qazvin, Iran


To provide a system of green walls for the decoration of interior walls of restaurant premises.


Over an area totalling 42 sqm, 1344 VersiWall GP (VGP) 2060 trays were mounted on Elmich’s proprietary VGM mounting panels which were installed on the interior walls of the restaurant. The anchoring system of the trays allow them to be mounted in close proximity, allowing the plants to create a dense overlapping wall with no gaps in between. To protect the trays from being dislodged accidentally by restaurant staff and patrons, anti-lift arms were inserted into the individual trays, locking them in place and preventing the dislodgement of VGP trays from their mounts.

The VGP 2060 trays were planted with a variety of plants to provide a luscious backdrop of living greenery, creating a warm, comfortable, and relaxed ambience for the modern Italian restaurant.