HDB Car Park Roof @ 88 Tanglin Halt Road – Singapore


To provide the intensive roof system to enable the establishment of a landscape roof on the roof of the car park.


VersiCell drainage modules provide a drainage cavity beneath the geotextile filter fabric layer and the planting soil above. An open surface design and high internal void enables VersiCell to rapidly capture and transport excess water, preventing water-logging. The high compressive strength of the modules allows its use under trafficable areas. The drainage modules also provide a protection layer for the waterproofing membrane, a root-resistant fully adhered layer of Evalon PVC/EVA terpolymer membrane, prolonging its serviceable life.
The landscape roof enhances urban aesthetics as residents in the vicinity as well as commuters from the neighbouring MRT Station get to enjoy the view of a cool soothing green roof instead of a dull exposed hot concrete roof. Additionally, the green roof mitigates urban heat island effect in the highly urbanised HDB estate to keep the surrounding ambient temperature down.