HDB Car Park Roof @ 180 Edgefield Plains – Singapore


To provide sub-surface drainage beneath planted areas on the intensive green roof as well as protection for the waterproofing membrane.


VersiCell® drainage modules were installed to provide a drainage cavity beneath the geotextile filter fabric layer and the planting soil above. Its open surface design and high internal void enables VersiCell® to rapidly capture and transport excess water after heavy rains, preventing the roof from becoming waterlogged.


High compressive strength allows its use under the trafficable and the heavy load-bearing areas of the roof. Additionally, the modules also provide a protection layer for the waterproofing membrane, prolonging its serviceable life.
The landscape roof mitigates urban heat island effect by sheltering the car park roof from the sun, reducing surrounding ambient temperature. Transference of heat to the car park level immediately below is also consequently reduced. The landscaped roof installed, with numerous large and shady trees, resembles a wooded country garden. It is aesthetically pleasing and provides additional shaded amenity and recreational space for the residents in the vicinity to enjoy.
The landscape roof also offers environmental benefits by acting as an air and chemical filter. Stormwater runoff is filtered at source, prolonging its residence time, thus alleviating downstream flooding.