Edible Community Garden – 28 Dover Crescent, Singapore


To construct a sustainable edible garden in under 2 months.


Designer’s Comments – Breakdown of Structures:

VersiTank® modules were assembled to form garden structures of varying heights and configurations:

“VersiPlanter” (Image 1)

To replicate the idea of a self-watering pot, a 100 mm deep water reservoir was constructed using Euraplan® (waterproofing membrane) at the base. Three layers of VersiDrain® 30 (each 30 mm thick) were then laid on top of the reservoir to support the planting soil above. Geotextile fabric was installed at the base and along the sides to prevent loss of soil during watering. Planting soil was then placed inside to complete the re-purposed system.

“VersiTower” (Image 2)

A two-meter-high tower for the creeper plants was constructed by vertically stacking and interlocking VersiTank® 555 modules with stainless steel wires. The VersiTank® 555 modules at the keeps of the towers was cut at specific areas to allow access for gardeners to the planting soil. The VersiTank® 555 modules at the base of the tower were filled with soil for stability as it acts as a gravitational counterweight for the tower.

“VersiArch” (Image 3)

Smaller and lighter VersiTank® 553 modules were used to construct an arch between the towers. For structural stability and safety, two 25 x 25 mm aluminium square hollow sections were added, spanning through the arch sections.

Raised “VersiPlanter” (Image 4) 

Raised planters of varying heights were built, simply by stacking the MEP® Tray on a VersiTank® 553 and onto the “VersiPlanter” structure.

“Vertical Planter”

By installing the purpose-made aluminium carrier bars on the sides of the planters, vertical planter pots could be added to the garden.