Edible Pavilion – URA Centre, Singapore


To construct a sustainable edible pavilion in under 1 month.


Edible Pavilion Installation

Raised Upcycled Planter Boxes (Image 1 & 2)

Each raised upcycled planter box was constructed by stacking a VersiDrain® 150 on a VersiTank® 555.

Upcycled Art Structure (Image 3 & 4)

Over 300 VersiTank® 555 and 553 modules were assembled and fastened with industrial cable ties to form the enormous art structure. Steel rods were used to support the cantilever construction.

Project Credits

The Common Good – Edible Pavilion is a collaboration between Surbana JurongSAA ArchitectsSUTD Social Urban Lab, Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), B+H ArchitectsKTP ConsultantsSunray Woodcraft Construction, and ElmichThis is part of SEEDS Movement, an SAA, SJ, B+H, KTP collaborative. 

VersiTank® VersiDrain® 150 Supplier: Elmich