Collyer Quay, Singapore


To provide the Green Roof System to enable planting on the roof of the activity shed cum shelter at the pier.


Elmich Green Roof was chosen because it is light and easy to install.


VersiDrain® 25P, drainage and water retention trays, were installed on the roof and covered over with a filter fabric to enable a lightweight, primarily soil-less inorganic planting media to be installed on the trays. The plants used were carefully selected for their drought-tolerance and also for colour to create the flowing pattern on the roof.


An automated irrigation system was incorporated to aid in initial plant establishment and also for subsequent regular delivery of water for irrigation.


The green roof of the shed provides thermal insulation that keeps the activity space below cool. Additionally, the green roof enhances urban aesthetics, presenting guests from the adjacent hotel and occupants of neighbouring skyscrapers to enjoy the view of a soothing planted roof instead of an exposed hot concrete roof. Furthermore, in the highly urbanised context of the Marina Bay, the green roof helps to mitigate urban heat island effect and keep surrounding ambient temperature down.