Bishan, Singapore


To provide turf stabilization for a large overflow parking cum emergency vehicle access area abutting existing impermeable asphalt car park at the park.


The area intended for the overflow parking cum emergency vehicle access was leveled and compacted with sand. TurfPave® modules were then positioned onto the compacted sand and infilled with planting media to provide a stable and firm substrate for turf establishment.


The completed turf area is aesthetically pleasing and can withstand constant daily pedestrian traffic and permit occasional parking of vehicles when the permanent abutting asphalt car parking areas are insufficient to accommodate increased number of vehicles, especially when festivities and public functions are held at the park. The stabilized turf area can also support and allow access to emergency vehicles and fire engines when necessary.


The green and permeable overflow parking area created blends easily into the green park surroundings, does not contribute to UHIE and is also a stormwater management solution.