5000 VersiJack pedestals support raised pavers on the roof terrace of the Reichstag Building, a historical edifice in Berlin, housing the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. As part of the restoration and renovation works to the Reichstag Building in 2011, the raised pavers were installed on the roof terrace around the huge glass dome, incorporated in remembrance of the original 1894 cupola, in an earlier restoration and renovation exercise in 1999. The roof terrace of the Reichstag Building can be visited by members of the public and is also an exclusive venue for hosting of official events.

The use of Elmich’s lightweight yet high compressive strength pedestals meant less loading on the 120 year old rooftop. The raised decking also enables water to drain away quickly keeping surface areas dry in the event of inclement weather.

Elmich is proud to have been a part of the ongoing conservation efforts of the Berlin Reichstag Building.