The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and CitiesAlive, conference cum expo events, are important events on the calendar of Tournesol Siteworks, Elmich’s distributor in the United States.


ASLA, the most important conference of the year for Tournesol, allowed them to meet new landscape architects and touch base with clients and friends from all over the country, and offered the opportunity for them to introduce the newest products, keep abreast of other manufacturers and products, and also to connect with the entire landscape community.


The CitiesAlive conference, dedicated to professionals in the green roof and green wall business, was held this year at the brand-new Omni hotel in Nashville. The conference venue is where over 6,000 VersiJack pedestals were used on the pool deck and recreation area under Ipe paver tiles and concrete pavers. Tournesol were glad to see an overall beautiful installation with the pedestals doing an excellent job and the pavers feeling solid underfoot.
Addressing an industry lull in which innovation or buzz surrounding pedestals seemed to have stagnated, Tournesol spent a considerable amount of time and effort at both the CitiesAlive and the ASLA shows discussing pedestals and their use.


As substantial cost of any paver project using pedestals comes from installation labour costs, Tournesol embarked on enlightening people at the conferences about two new innovations that address this directly with ability to make the installation contractors’ job much easier and faster.


First is a pedestal turning tool. Pedestals, especially those that are relatively high, need to be pre-set close to the required height prior to installation. Imagine 6,000 pedestals and anyone who has done this knows that it is time consuming and tires out the installation team. With the new VersiJack Pedestal Turning Tool and a simple drill, the setup takes a fraction of the time (and a fraction of the cost)!




The second innovation is a Elmich Pedestal Leveling Tool. Set on top of a pedestal, by turning the tool so that the window and bubble are aligned, the user can establish what slope the roof is at that point, as well as the direction it slopes. Combine the tool with a Elmich Pedestal Slope Corrector and you have a flat and level deck, fast and easy.


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Tournesol have had two consecutive years where they have grown over 30% which at times “took their breath away”. They have worked very hard to maintain standards, both in quality of product as well as quality of service, and in the process have made their industry presence felt through both good and difficult times.
Elmich join with Tournesol Siteworks in celebrating a very fruitful 2014.