Twenty-nine architects and construction professionals at the Cámara Panameña de la Construcción, in Panamá were enlightened by a “Green Roofs and Green Walls” seminar delivered by José Magán, Elmich’s Architectural and Design Advisor at Elmich North America LLC, on 15 November 2011.


Topics included origin, benefits, categories, components, maintenance, budget, incentives, and case studies of both green roofs and green walls worldwide.


A green wall project was approved the day immediately after by one of the companies whose representative had attended the lecture and proposals for green wall projects were requested by and furnished to more than 13% of the companies represented within the following week, evidencing the tremendous interest generated. One of the lecture attendees, a Director of Design of one of the largest architectural firms in Panamá, Mallol & Mallol Arquitectos, had the following comments:
Your lecture was very enlightening to me. We, in our office, are very interested in the subject of green roofs and walls. I found the solution that you proposed a viable alternative for some projects we do. I have circulated the information that we received, and probably soon we will be in touch with the local representative of your company. Surely if we require additional information or if we have questions about a project beyond a basic implementation, we will contact you.
Cordially, Juan Carlos Sáenz P.”