Aloha Loyang is situated along Pasir Ris Beach, Singapore offering 38 chalets ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms with amenities that made it a popular venue for staycations and gatherings of family and friends to enjoy the sea breeze in the midst of lush greenery.

Dedicated to providing guests with a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, the resort is currently undergoing Repair & Redecoration (R&R) works in which one of its new additions is a rainwater retention system to supply water for irrigation of the surrounding landscape and miscellaneous cleaning of the immediate vicinity.

VersiTank® VT880 were used to construct the rainwater retention tank of two sites in Aloha Loyang. Each unit measuring 0.75 m length x 0.79 m width x 0.43 m was installed in two layers capable of holding up to 47,500 litres of underground stormwater at any one time.




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Project Credits:

 Contractor: BNF Services Pte Ltd