Waterproofing – Why Us?

Elmich offers waterproofing, planning, specification, detailing and design services for architects and contractors. Our carefully selected range of waterproofing membranes or materials are high-quality and proven, as well as compliant with internationally recognised standards and/or certifications, sourced from reliable and environmentally-conscious manufacturers and suppliers.

We take pride in being a one-stop waterproofing and drainage specialist; ensuring successful completion of each project we are involved in.

Over 30 years, our team has provided customised, comprehensive specifications, installation details and on-site monitoring of installation works in Singapore and Southeast Asia, working closely with selected applicators who are suitably trained and qualified to install our products.


EVALON® – This EVA/PVC waterproofing membrane has been applied for over 2 million square meters with a 0% failure rate since it was introduced 22 years ago for the local construction industry. It is a suitable waterproofing membrane for all single-ply waterproofing of all types of flat roof construction and application methods as well as for waterproofing of foundations. Its root resistant properties make it a suitable membrane for green roof and planter applications.

Bitulen® SK374 – This self-adhesive bituminous membrane is highly suitable for below grade with concrete, brickwork and blockwork constructions to protect building against leakages. Applicable areas include basement walls, concealed roof, tunnels and concrete structures. It is extremely durable and puncture resistant with high tensile strength.

Fleximent® 201– This flexible cementitious coating is extremely easy to mix and apply. It also provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of construction materials. Applicable areas include potable water tanks, internal wet areas, bathrooms or water features.

VersiDrain® 6P– This under screed drainage sheet provides effective drainage that protects waterproofing and acts as a permanent separation layer between slab and screed. It is manufactured from recycled plastics and meets international green building certifications.

Waterproofing failures usually result from poor workmanship, the wrong system being specified, no primer being used, incorrect installation or incompatible materials. In fact, 90% of all water intrusion problems occur within 1% of the total building or structure exterior surface area. At Elmich, we believe in quality materials as well as comprehensive support for architects and contractors to ensure that their project meets its timeframe, budget and client’s expectations.