In March 2019, Elmich hosted 20 primary school students from FOGG (Fun of GrowinG) on their Building GREENS Architecture Camp at our headquarters in Singapore, in collaboration with The Nature Company.

The 3-day architecture camp included a hands-on session at Elmich, where students exercised their green thumbs and learned how to utilize Elmich’s urban greenery products to create sustainable green roof systems.  Using a combination of VersiCell and VersiDrain modules, the students were able to experience first-hand how Elmich’s urban greenery products enable the creation of green spaces in space-constrained Singapore.



About FOGG

FOGG is a Singaporean educational company, jointly established by pedagogical, psychological, and linguistic experts. FOGG is committed to designing experience-oriented learning programmes aimed at nurturing future world citizens with multiple intelligences. FOGG creates curated learning camps focused around interesting topics with real-life applications, promoting holistic intellectual growth in the students.