Local architectural firm Zarch Collaboratives made ingenious use of Elmich VersiWeb® to create 2 art structures earlier this year.

The Memory Conduit is a massive installation at the National Gallery, designed as a vessel containing Singapore’s memories and a channel for social recollection. Using the expandable and flexible VersiWeb® as a “skin”, Zarch Collaboratives were able to create the centrepiece of the Memory Conduit on the steps of the National Gallery. The façade of the National Gallery and the VersiWeb® structure lights up at night with projected light and images, creating a sensory experience that is fluid, immersive, and spectacular.


Photo from http://zarch.com.sg/

Photo from http://zarch.com.sg/

Another art installation at the National Museum is titled “Sonic Womb”, designed by Principal of Zarch Collaborative, Mr Randy Chan. Similarly, Sonic Womb is a suspended structure created using VersiWeb®, exploring the process of human gestation. The responsive and immersive installation allows visitors to interact with the “womb” to experience a soundscape mimicking the way a foetus would experience sound.


Elmich VersiWeb® is primarily used for slope protection, but in the hands of artists, can be creatively repurposed for artistic pursuits as well.

Read more about the installations at http://zarch.com.sg/portfolio/the-memory-conduit/ and http://zarch.com.sg/portfolio/sonic-womb/