Elmich unveiled new products from their VersiDrain®,  VersiTank®, and VersiWall® product range. The launch of these new products reinforced their commitment to improve the urban landscaping industry by making sustainable products more innovative, cost-effective, and safe.

A total of 6 new products were unveiled; 3 from the VersiDrain® range, 2 from their VersiTank® range, and lastly, the VersiWall® GP LW.


VersiDrain® 30 (VD 30)

The VersiDrain® 30 is a lightweight interlocking modular green roof tray designed for versatility. Its most prominent feature is its flexibility, allowing it to be easily shaped to conform to curved surfaces. The VD 30 comprises of a network of reservoirs that stores over 11 litres of rainwater per square metre, reducing watering requirements and costs while simultaneously promoting plant growth in a sustainable manner. All VersiDrain® products are manufactured from UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene and support all Green Building certifications.

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VersiDrain® 60 (VD 60)

The most prominent feature of the versatile VersiDrain® 60 is the option to add Wall Extenders to increase the planting depth up to 100mm.

These Wall Extenders allows for adjustments in usage (pre-planting or on-site planting) and can be easily removed when desired to form a monolithic planting surface (absence of gridlines or compartmentalization of growth media). VD 60 has a larger storage capacity of 18 litres of rainwater per square metre, integrated with Rodent Guard to prevent rodents from infesting spaces between trays.



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VersiDrain® 150 (VD 150)

The VersiDrain® 150 is ideal for pre-planting off-site thanks to its high wall and high capacity of rainwater storage, up to 32 litres per square metre, reducing irrigation requirements. In addition, the VD 150 also helps to mitigate the impact of stormwater run-off by reducing the discharge to storm drains during periods of heavy downpour. Rodent Guard is included.



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VersiWall® GP LW (VGP LW) 

The VersiWall® GP LW is a lightweight modular green wall system which gives architects and builders a flexible and cost-effective solution to convert dull and monotonous walls into aesthetically-pleasing living walls.

Designed with ease of installation and safety in mind, the VGP LW can be easily manipulated without disturbing the irrigation system.  Each tray comes with multiple security measures to prevent accidental dislodging.

VGP LW comes in 2 lengths, 250mm and 500mm, to allow installation with minimal gaps between trays, maintaining a continuous line of planting even around corners.


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VersiTank® 555 and 553 (VT 555/553)

VersiTank® is a high strength modular stormwater infiltration or storage tank made from recycled polypropylene designed as an at-source system for management of rainwater from roofs and other impervious surfaces. The versatility of the VT 555/553 system allows it to be modified to be used as a stormwater detention tank system as well as a water retention system.

VT555/553 panels are designed to be shipped separately for the installers to assemble. The panels are packed into flat bundles for lower-cost transport. Any shipping cost saved is passed on to customers.

VT555/553 is also easy to install and panels can be interlocked both horizontally and vertically, allowing configurations in multiple layers to achieve cost savings as well as to suit different site requirements.


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