Last month, CNN visited Singapore as part of its global Going Green series, to talk to Mr Alan Lee about Elmich and his on-going efforts to make urban greenery an essential part of modern cities.

In a city obsessed with modernisation and efficiency, it is a monumental task to strike a balance between the urban and natural landscapes. To ensure that greenery stays a key consideration amidst nation-building, Singapore adopted a “garden in a city” approach in its early days, pushing for the creation of green spaces wherever possible.

In recent years, the approach has shifted to a “city in a garden approach”, where urban greenery is slowly being integrated into the concrete structures of the city through a mix of regulations and increased awareness towards the environment. Green walls and green roofs adorn the business districts, creating a softer, more natural environment that aims to reduce the stress and high tensions of the workplace. Lush parks and green spaces are integrated within the housing districts, creating a holistic environment for people to live, learn, and grow.

Mr Alan Lee, Founder and Executive Chairman of Elmich, hopes to enable the greening of urban spaces through the use of Elmich’s products; modular green walls and green roof systems that can be integrated seamlessly into the built environment. These greening efforts made through sustainable product design and manufacturing, have allowed Elmich to gain a significant foothold in the industry.

Mr Alan Lee, and Elmich, is committed to the development of sustainable building products to create cities where urban meets nature.