News - Digital Life writeup


One year after the completion of an IT transformation project which included the introduction of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Elmich effectively and successfully integrated its internal and external management information across the entire organization. Automated processes enabled by integrated software application, now facilitate the flow of information between all business functions of Elmich and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.


The ERP system has been configured and customised to integrate the myriad of processes and information flow in the company, enabling greater productivity and quicker decision making. The entire system is further backed up on a cloud server to ensure business continuity in the event of a breakdown. The integration of information effectively eliminates the need to manually synchronize changes between multiple systems, consolidates finance, marketing and sales, and manufacturing applications.
All these changes benefit not only Elmich, but also our valued customers, partners and stakeholders.


Digital Life, a weekly supplement which came with The Straits Times carried a story entitled “Keeping stock is a cinch after IT overhaul” on 5 September 2012 in which Mr Ryan Lee, Managing Director of Elmich, was interviewed in respect of how Elmich has successfully harnessed IT technology to manage business growth.


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