The pandemic has thrown many businesses into a new environment, one that is full of uncertainties and turbulence. As countries lift lockdowns and a second wave emerges, building long-term resiliency is crucial to face a post-pandemic world. While we make the shift for what’s next, our customers will remain a priority and we want to look at benefiting them as well.

Since 2019, we have been working on a few developments for customer value creation and growth:

  • Upskilling – We want to upgrade our skills and boost our capabilities to be empowered to do more for our customers. The pandemic has also changed the fundamental way we operate, and our team is in the midst of optimising systems, procedures and workflows and adopting effective teamwork, collaboration and management skills and resources to be more adaptable to volatility.


  • Rebranding – As a long-established brand in the industry, we want to stay updated and align ourselves with the current business environment. By redefining who we are, Elmich will be able to distinctly differentiate ourselves, clearly communicate our strategies and resonate better with our stakeholders.


  • New products – We are working to provide customers with unique and quality solutions. Expanding our range of product offerings presents additional options to adeptly fulfil project requirements, and also enhances Elmich’s position as a one-stop brand for urban greenery and waterproofing solutions.


  • Business model innovation – We want to adopt a holistic approach in addressing the changing demands and expectations of our customers. Staff from their specialised departments have come together to pool expertise and insights to evaluate the current business model and identify new opportunities to explore.


While there has been a disruption to many of our business activities, our timeline for the rollout of these developments remains unchanged. Business resiliency is crucial for Elmich and customers are dependent on us more than ever to get the best value. It is pivotal that we support one another to create future-ready industries.

We are grateful for our customers’ continued support to Elmich and we look forward to introducing some of these updates at the end of the year.