Garden Expo Tokyo (GARDEX), Japan’s largest international garden industry trade show, was held at Chiba, Japan from 9 to 11 October 2013. The annual trade show focuses on all kinds of garden and exterior products targeting Japan’s huge potential market for garden related paraphernalia. The exhibition is a must for those in the industry to be acquainted with unique Japanese brands as well as new and innovative products from international manufacturers and suppliers.


Elmich’s full range of pedestal systems, VersiJack®, SpiraPave® and VersiPave ®, were centre of focus at the show. An informative and instructional powerpoint showing the various salient points and demonstrating the numerous functional features and accessories of each of the pedestals was continuously run at the booth to introduce and promote the pedestals, each one uniquely “A Pedestal Above The Rest”. Elmich’s VersiWall® GP (VGP) green wall and Modular Extensive Planting (MEP®) systems also made their debut in Japan at the exhibition.


Elmich Landscape engineering solutions under the spotlight at Gardex Japan aroused tremendous interest and excited those who enquired and learnt more about the specifics of each product. With valuable links and networking ties established at the show, Elmich is well positioned to spearhead penetration into the Japanese market as part of concerted effort to enhance regional exposure and acceptance and to establish a firm foothold in the wider international market.