Residents of and visitors to Canberra Residences are pleasantly treated to an invigorating and cheerful Living Wall each time they enter or leave the condominium.

Installed using the Elmich VersiWall GM (VGM) Green Wall system, the living wall occupies the entire front façade wall of the car park at the entrance to the condominium which encompasses also the wall immediately above the car park entrance. Effectively framing the car park entrance with living plants the green wall helps to establish an aesthetically pleasing green environment and contributes to achieving environmental sustainability goals, and consequently also helping the condominium to bag the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award 2010.
Located at the entrance to the condominium the majestic VGM living wall also serves as a source of therapeutic stress relief and a refreshing living banner to welcome residents of the condominium as they return home from a hard day at work or play.