15 Joan Road – Singapore


To provide extensive planting system to enable planting on top of existing car park polycarbonate shelter in short lead time.


An aluminium sheet was installed over the rooftop to reinforce the polycarbonate rooftop to accept installation of the MEP® Trays. The lightweight and robust MEP® Trays were pre-planted in a nursery environment prior to installation. By using locally sourced plant species selected for their hardiness, colour and height in individual trays, desired designs and patterns were easily achieved.


The self-contained trays with water storage compartments and a capillary wick system support sustained plant growth with minimal maintenance. The system includes a support plate with anti-root overflow outlet covers, capillary wicks, geotextile filter, confinement grid, joining and fastening pegs, and a drainage network consisting of base connectors and drainage pipes installed independent of the trays. Rodent barriers were installed at the corners of the perimeter trays to prevent rodent pests from infesting the space between trays.


MEP® Tray facilitates the almost instant greening of rooftops and allows associated benefits of the green roof to be immediately realised.