Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur


To provide pedestal system to support bearers for installation of wooden decking at the sky bar lounge and a pathway skirting the pool at the rooftop of the hotel.


The wooden-decked pathway was installed along the side of the swimming pool by placing VersiJack pedestal supports at the perimeter raised ledge of the pool. The raised decking allows water from the pool to overflow over the pool’s edge under the decking into the drain alongside to be channeled, filtered and returned back into the pool. The booths skirting the pool beside windows with commanding views of the city are separated from the pool by the raised wooden decking which provides a pathway for accessibility to the booths as well as helps to keep the booths and their water-sensitive furnishings dry. The mould and algae resistant pedestals do not become mouldy and unsightly even when constantly wet.
Raised wooden decking platforms at the lounge booths of the Sky Bar by the poolside were also installed using VersiJack height and slope adjustable pedestals. Bearer Holders mounted on the pedestal tops enabled secure positioning of joists. Required services for the lounge were unobtrusively hidden in the void space created beneath the wooden decking.