Vista Xchange, One North, Singapore


To provide the pedestal system to support bearers for installation of strand woven bamboo decking at open spaces of the Performing Arts Centre.


5000 VersiJack height and slope adjustable pedestals were used to install the raised decking. Slope Correctors used on the pedestals maintained a level decking surface in areas where the installation surface was sloping while Bearer Holders kept supporting joists firmly in place on the pedestals and ensured that the decking panels were securely installed.
Water is thus able to drain away quickly through the gaps between the decking panels, keeping the decked areas dry for visitors to safely experience the full array of offerings of the centre.
This premier entertainment lifestyle and retail hub incorporates a mix of retail amenities, entertainment facilities as well as food and beverage outlets. Awarded the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Gold Award in recognition of the environmentally friendly features in its design as well as construction, the Star Performing Arts Centre’s unique design merges technology and nature seamlessly.