23 Teban Gardens Road, Singapore


To provide stormwater infiltration system to manage rainwater runoff from the landscaped grounds of the HDB estate.


VersiTanks were assembled on site and positioned within excavated pits of various shapes and sizes in accordance with the landscaped garden design. The base of each excavated pit was first compacted and filled with 100 mm layer of washed sand. A geotextile layer was then laid to envelope the VersiTanks installed within the pits. Washed sand was used as infill up to 100mm above the tank installation to create “dry ponds”. Planting media was added to enable planting around the perimeter of the dry pond features.
Forming a “rain garden”, the VersiTank installation, acts as a stormwater detention facility that decreases peak flows and filters suspended solids and pollutants from runoff. Aboveground phytoremediation by plants filter particulates and their associated pollutants from runoff. The system prevents waterlogged grounds and creates attractive green landscape features that enhance aesthetics of the HDB Estate.