College Avenue West, Singapore


To provide root-resistant waterproofing on the rooftop of the building
To provide the Landscape Roof system for intensive green roof installation


Eurathane 1200 SPE
Waterproofing protection for the roof skin beneath the green roof was provided by Eurathane 1200 SPE, a solvent-free plural component spray-applied polyurethane elastomer waterproofing coating. The fast curing polyurethane coating is UV-resistant and root-resistant with excellent tensile properties; suitable for intensive green roof applications.


Elmich Landscape Roof
A total of 1,500 sq m of VersiCell sub-surface drainage modules were connected into continuous mats carpeting the waterproofing membrane at the two rooftop levels of the building. This provided a void beneath the planting media that enables expeditious transport of excess water to drainage outlets at the perimeter of the intensive green roof. A non-woven geotextile filter fabric placed over the VersiCell allowed a 100mm sand layer to be spread on top followed by the soil media for planting. The efficient discharge of excess water provided by the VersiCell sub-soil drainage layer prevents the green roof from getting waterlogged.


The eye-pleasing Elmich Landscape Roof decks offer additional amenity and informal learning spaces on the rooftop of the Stephen Riady Centre and also environmental benefits that contribute to a more sustainable built environment at the National University of Singapore (NUS) University Town (UTown).


The green roofs play a major role in the award of the BCA Green Mark Platinum to the Building which in turn contributed to the BCA Green Mark for Districts Award being awarded to UTown and NUS clinching the ultimate BCA Green Mark Champion Award.