279 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore


To provide the drainage under-layer beneath the artificial turf of the sports field to be installed on the RC rooftop of the car park of the International School.


The RC surface of the car park rooftop was protected by a waterproofing membrane and then covered with a geotextile fabric. Following this, 6034 sq m of VersiCell® sub-surface drainage cells were connected into a massive continuous mat over the geotextile to provide the base drainage layer beneath the artificial turf. A further geotextile layer was then laid to blanket the VersiCell®, onto which the artificial turf panels were rolled out and installed and the necessary field markings created. A cushion of 25mm of sand and 15mm of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) rubber were mechanically spread over and eased into the artificial turf to complete the installation.
VersiCell® enables water permeating through the artificial turf and fine sand and SBR rubber layers to be transported expeditiously to drainage outlets at the perimeter of the field. This efficient discharge of water enables the field for various sports, including American Football and soccer, to dry out quickly after heavy rains.
The new school offers an advanced learning environment incorporating world-class learning facilities with the latest in classroom technology and IT infrastructure that will establish it as the new benchmark for international schools around the world. The school can cater to up to 2,500 students in Nursery through Grade 12 from diverse racial backgrounds spanning 40 nationalities
A “green” design with modern athletic and recreational facilities complements the school’s child centered philosophy of stimulating and developing a lifelong love of learning and encouraging students to become true global citizens.