Pulau Ubin, Singapore


To construct a Green Roof system beneath solar panels on the metal roof.


  1. VersiDrain® 30 trays, VersiEdge™ and EnviroMix® GR were hoisted onto the metal roof (Image 1).
  2. VersiEdge™ was installed along the edges of the metal roof to create a vertical barrier to retain media and prevent erosion (Image 2).
  3. 1,700 m2 of VersiDrain® 30 trays (water retention and drainage layers) were installed and solar panel substructure was bolted on the metal roof (Image 3 & 4).
  4. Geotextile was laid on top of VersiDrain® 30 trays and EnviroMix® GR planting media spread over entire planting area (Image 5)
  5. Planting and backfilling (Image 6)
  6. Installation of rails of solar panel substructure (Image 7)
  7. Installation of Photovoltaic Modules (Image 8)
  8. Completion of Green Solar Roof (Image 9)


Project Credits
Main Contractor: Sunseap Energy Ventures Pte Ltd

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