9 Tampines Ave 2, Singapore 529731


To provide a green wall system for a sustainable petrol station.


The green walls were constructed using Elmich’s VersiWall GP green wall products. Approximately 100 VersiWall® GP (VGP) Proprietary Mounting Panels were installed onto 4 different walls of varying sizes across the station, covering a total area of 55.1m2. The Mounting Panels facilitates easy mounting of approximately 1300 VGP Trays. Trays are connected to an irrigation system which uses harvested rainwater to sustain the plants, allowing for low maintenance care of the living wall system.

To prevent against accidental dislodgement, the VGP are fitted with anti-lift arms, effectively locking the trays to the mounting panel. The modular green wall system is made from fire-resistant thermoplastics which will not burn, release toxic emissions, or smoke when a fire is present.

The trays are then planted with 3 varieties of shade loving plants, Philodendron ‘Gold’, Dracaena reflexa, and Epipremnum aureum. The varying shades of green on the plants create a layered look that brings an added dimension of depth to the walls.