Tuas Bay Lane, Singapore


To establish a modular underground water storage tank in a portable rainwater harvesting system in the solar farm.


  1. An excavation was carried out at the site.
  2. The excavated pit was levelled and checked for sharp objects.
  3. The Pond Liner (Euraplan®) which is impermeable was laid on the underlying Geotextile.
  4. Several thousand sets of VersiTank® 555 were deployed and installed in a linear format, interlocked one to the other in the pit.
  5. VersiTank® 555 was then covered with Euraplan®, lapped, and sealed at all joints.
  6. The pit and the entire tank installation were backfilled with sand to the appropriate level and topped with a layer of small aggregate.
  7. The soil was compacted with a roller.

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