16 Ah Hood Road, Singapore


To provide the pedestal systems for installation of pavers at the Pool Deck of Ramada Hotel and to support bearer joists for installation of wooded decking at the perimeter corridors of the Zhongshan Mall, and also the pathways between the building and water features of Zhongshan Park.


VersiJack and SpiraPave pedestals were used to support heavy 600mm x 600mm x 50mm stone pavers that grace the Pool Deck of the hotel and also support the joists for installation of wooden decking at the perimeter corridors of the shopping mall, and also at the pathways beside the water features of the adjacent park.


Spacer Tabs on the pedestals enabled easy creation of constant gaps between the pavers whilst bearer holders ensured that bearers remained securely in place for installation of the wooden decking. Where the installation surface is sloped to fall for drainage Slope Correctors were used to allow adjustments up to 5% to maintain a level paver and wooden decking surface.


The raised pavers and wooden decking enable essential services to be safely hidden and gaps maintained between pavers and between the decking panels allow water to drain quickly away, keeping these areas safe and dry for hotel guests as well as patrons and visitors to the mall to safely enjoy the offerings of these establishments, and also the luxuriant greenery and water features of the adjacent park.