Private Residence at Oncidium Heights, Kota Kemuning, Selangor, Malaysia


To provide the green wall systems for fencing and guardhouse walls of bungalow.


VersiWall® GP Tray Planter
To achieve attractive design patterns along the fencing wall, VGP proprietary mounting panels were mounted onto metal frames in various designs bolted to the fencing wall of the bungalow.


Plants selected for their colour and suitability were planted in-situ in the VGP Trays. VGP Baffle Plates and Reservoir Covers were inserted prior to planting to help distribute irrigation to the soil media and prevent clogging of the discharge outlets at the base of each tray respectively. The planted trays were hung unto the Mounting Panels according to a predetermined design to take advantage of the plants to create bands of living colour. Anti-lift Arms inserted into the


VGP Tray hooks lock the trays to the panels, preventing inadvertent dislodgment of the VGP Trays.
Flexibility and ease of positioning trays to design requirements helped to turn an otherwise dull boundary wall into an attractive wall of living patterns.



VGM Green Wall
VGM modules pre-planted in a nursery environment were anchored onto pilasters installed on the front wall of the guardhouse and on a section of the perimeter fencing wall adjacent to the guardhouse turning them into living walls. The PE approved VGM system is certified to withstand wind uplift from various directions at 110km/h with no noticeable damage.