8 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore


To provide the pedestal system for installation of raised concrete slab pavers on the rooftop of the building (VersiJack®)


To provide extensive green roof system to enable planting on the rooftop (VersiDrain® 25P)


VersiJack® pedestals were used to support concrete pavers on the rooftop garden to create a raised paver deck to form walkways around shallow planter boxes.


The VersiJack® pedestals allowed easy progressive height adjustments and slope correction. A constant gap between individual pavers to facilitate surface drainage was maintained by the use of Spacer Tabs while the pedestals’ integrated Locking Rings secured paver heights.


The raised paver platform allows water to drain quickly away and eliminates unsightly efflorescence forming on the paver surface. It also provides a convenient cavity that allows miscellaneous services to be hidden. Heat transference from the paver surface to the office space beneath the roof garden is also minimized. Efficient surface drainage also keeps the rooftop dry for safe enjoyment of the roof garden.


VersiDrain® 25P drainage and water retention trays were laid over the cement and sand screed protecting the waterproofing membrane in the planter boxes on the rooftop. A lightweight inorganic planting media spread on a geotextile filter fabric placed over the trays enabled the establishment of selected drought-tolerant plants.


Stored water in the tray reservoir, transferred via capillary action to the plant media, provides irrigation in dry spells. When required, easy supplementary irrigation is delivered by a network of irrigation tubes installed in the planter boxes.